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Gaia review

I just started using Gaia. I was using Trimble and have found the Gaia interface and map downloading to be much better. I use this program for 4WD backcountry adventures in the Western US on an iPad Mini and find it to be far superior to the older handhelds as well as most high end navigation systems. Sorry Garmin, Times are a changing. I tell everyone that will listen how good Gaia GPS is. The Thank your Gaia team you rock!!!

Just Awesome

Through many years and many hikes deep in the Rockies, this app has always been a joy. It is constantly improved while never getting away from its primary mission.

Best GPS app

Best GPS app i have used. Much easer than my handheld GPS.

Best iPhone Off-road GPS!!

I hesitated to spend the $20 for several months afraid that I would dislike it and be money wasted. I wish I bought this sooner! I use this as my primary (but not only) means of navigating when backpacking. It has even worked well for off road overland Jeep travel. I have yet to use it snowboarding but Im sure it will be great for that too. You are able to upload GPX files to it which is awesome so you can follow plotted out routes. However, it does not unpack ZIP files so you will need an app that unpacks them to the basic GPX file and then transport it into Gaia. A bit tedious but the final result is awesome! Buy It, Enjoy It!! Happy Trails!


This is the best GPS you can buy for a iPhone by far. I also have Motion X and this is MUCH better. 20$ seems a little steep for what you get but I guess its a lot cheaper than buying a real GPS unit. The ability to download maps is really awesome when your out of cell coverage. It seems accurate within about 50 when I was running a geocache course. It also uses much less battery than other GPSs that I have used. Great app.

Very good topo navigation app

Ive been using my iPhone to navigate in the woods for years. Over time Ive used a dozen apps. So far this is the best. Its feature rich and the developers are continuously improving on the apps already solid foundation. I like that I can easily plan a trip on my iPad and the track automatically syncs to my iPhone. Tracks are easily recorded, imported from other sources and easily followed. I like the option of multiple free map sources so that you can choose the best one for the area youre going to. I also like that the trip statistics are updated in real time so you know how far youve gone and the pace youre keeping.

Amazing application.

Fantastic application! Consistently performs, provides a ton of data and flexibility. Easy to navigate and use in the field and for researching locations. The historic map add ins are amazing.

The best outdoor app

Best GPS app for exploring the outdoors. Ive tried all the rest and this one is the best. Frequently updating and adding new features. Well worth the price.

Greatest GPS app Ive ever used!

Gaia GPS is simple to use, can download many different topo maps, and has lots of great features. A+

Serious App for Serious Hikers

I hike a lot, and Im a GPS tracking nerd. Gaia has been one of my most reliable pieces of "gear" over the past 4-5 years Ive been using it. Well worth the cost. Ive tried out all the serious alternatives, and while some of them are great, they dont match the feature set and reliability here in Gaia. If you are casually interested in a GPS hiking app, AllTrails and TopoMaps+ are great options at lower price points, but if you want the best, its definitely Gaia. Gaia also has a very awesome web platform, and with Pro, all that syncs with your phone. This has become one of my favorite features as I plan new hikes to go on and load trail routes to my phone.

The best GPS app

The best offline GPS map application out there. Rock solid, never crashes and really uses very little battery.

Highly Recommend

App works great. This is a very important tool for any hiker/hunter/outdoors enthusiast. I have used this for long hikes that require some form of direction, and also for off roading in vehicles. Just learn how to use it before hand, I have seen reviews with the learning curve being the largest downfall to this app. Test it out and read how to use it before you use it. Once you learn how to use the app you will realize how great it is. I have hiked the Grand Canyon with my phone on airplane mode and this app worked perfectly the entire time.

The best

The best thing about this is the fact you cant get lost

Works very well but...

I have been using this GPS for two years during hunting season and backpacking trips in Utah and love the way it works. It is very user friendly and well thought out. I can hand my phone to a friend that has never used it and they are able to navigate it and understand stand what they are looking at right away. I just wish I could download maps from Utahs DNR website to see how close to boundaries I am while I am hunting. This app is a must have for those who love being outside.

One of the best!!

Ive tried lots of other map apps, spent quite a bit of money and this is hands down the best Ive found. Only one bummer is now you have to pay for certain maps that were free last year.


This is a great GPS app. Would be perfect if it supported 3rd party GPS dongles like the Bad Elf GNSS Survey and had NTRIP support or raw logging to RINEX format.

Great hiking companion!

Good tool for any hike or walker. Most trails are on here. Download an area at home and go. Theoff-line feature lets you track your progress!

GaiaGPS just gets better and better!

Version 10.9.4 is incredible, and I recommend GaiaGPS without reservation. The record track, pause track, finish track, resume track are now intuitive and user friendly. The ability to choose mapping layers, record, and email tracks to friends including trip data (distance, speed, elevation gain and loss) plus gpx & .kml files, and a whole host of other features now make this an incredibly powerful and useful mapping app. In addition, it is being actively supported and updated very very frequently. One can display a previous trip on the map and follow it in real time. Or one can import a friends .kml file and display it and follow it in the same way in real time. Saved tracks can now be placed in folders and synced to your gaiaGPS cloud account. Too many other useful features to list. This is the mapping app I recommend to backpackers, equestrians, mountain bikers, and hikers without any reservation whatsoever. It is a steal at $20. (I actually pay the additional extra $40 per year for Pro level, but be honest I am doing that more as a show of support for the wonderful job they are doing than the few additional features I get as a result. Truth is youll 99% of the features, which includes all the important ones, when you purchase the $20 app.)

Outdoor Enthusiast best friend

I finally found an app with topographic (USGS Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, Antártica, etc.)overlay maps built in along with satellite images option. The NEXRAD weather map can be superimposed and allows you early weather awareness. The "crumb trail" and Waypoints are features that are included, which are not an option in other apps. The Navigation instructions provides options for alternate routes. The app allows you to trace on the screen your favorite trail or river, then provides distance and altitude statistics. They would have gotten 5 stars, but I am yet to receive an answer to the customer service question to explain the benefits of the optional monthly or yearly subscription service.

Crashing often

Has crashed several times with the newest version.

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