Gaia GPS Classic App Reviews

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Love it

Offline maps. Tracking, POIs, export gpx... Best app for tracking your trails.

Works Good, could be faster sometimes

Good app, but in some situations, it is slow and freezes for a few seconds.


Difficult upload, rectify, export, download and include new map. But it works, and is very much fun!


Great for offline, easy to use, 100% satisfied!

Best Openstreetmap

Its a bit costly, but really worth it. I use it for hiking, cross country skiing and biking for navigation and tracking.

Great App showing the way

Works great with easy off-line map function. Easy importing GPX files, arrow as waymarker is great to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Also works in bad conditions with very thick cloudy skies. 100% recommandation for people loving to be outdoors

Good planning tool with some flaws

Gaia GPS ist most useful for planning trips. However, I wonder where the »intermediate« handles between two route points are gone in the latest update. They were really useful to smooth out routes. Please bring them back. Overall the app produces a whole lot of data traffic since it uses bitmap tiles for OS maps. Thats a major drawback for the use in the backcountry and for downloading to devices with little flash memory, as well. There are apps which manage to bring a full featured, memory saving, and retina smooth vector OSM to the users eye. Theres certainly room for improvement as the map display is the core feature of every navigation software.

Best GPS Map App ever!

Like Gaia since years! Great Functions, reliable, good maps! Best for hiking, biking and all Outdoor activities!!!!

From first level...

Best battery save!

Uses location even if not active

The app does use the location even if the app is not currently running. Satellite images are not available anymore.

Very good App! Forget your old GPS Device

perfect! I do not use my Garmin Monterra any more!! Gaia is by far better! Please install a way point projection function and a function in which the map direction matching the I phone headding is not changed into north direction when zooming and enlarging. This is really annoying when you want to have an overview! I would give 10 stars then if that would be possible!


This app works very well. It is stable, accurate, full-featured and easy to use.

Dont go into woods without it

Fantastic app for backcountry and exploring. Im continually impressed with how all the little hiking and cycling trails are in there on OpenCycleMaps

Exactly as advertised

Great app. Does all I expected it to do and then some.

Canadian maps not uptodate

Some Canadian maps not uptodate. Slow loading, even over Wi-Fi.

Was great, now AWESOME

New customizable info/buttons on the map are perfect. Love the new route making. Used to be so tedious. Vector maps should be a great way to have back up maps stored without eating up limited storage. Great update.

Nice update, one annoying bug with Canada Topo maps

Nice new features, great new look. The Canada topo map isnt the NRCan topo map anymore. Not sure of the source but it isnt the Canadian government map. Its weird because while you zoom the NRCan map appears briefly but then something else takes its place. And…. found another bug. iPhone version doesn’t want to download the NRCAN maps. Stuck at 0%. Once they fix this its a 5 star app again.

Great APP slow offline map downloads

Great GPS App. Tons of functionality. Only complaint is how slow it is at downloading maps for offline use.

So far so good

This app has delivered for me big time. Living in Canada a lot of the cool apps for the backcountry dont often work here. But this app does. Open it (while having cellular coverage) and you can see the topo of right where you are. Swipe across the map to anywhere in North America and see the topo. Draw out a specific route. Mark waypoint. Within the app download a specific map section that you intend to go to so that you can have it when you dont have cell access!! I used it on a route we couldnt find any info on for a zone that was on the edge of most maps. App worked well and got us through some bush whacking where no visible points of focus were available. Im learning more and more about the app just be using it

Perfect for canoeing

Love this App Find the area you want to go to, download that map and you are good to go - no wifi or 3G required all you need is GPS . Two thumbs up

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